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poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

The New Horizons Association (the organiser of the Kids Kino IFF, the Kids Kino Industry co-production forum, and the Kids Kino Lab script development workshops) and the South Norwegian Film Centre (Sørnorsk filmsenter) present a new programme: Kids Kino Docs.


The Kids Kino Docs programme is addressed to filmmakers from Poland and Norway who would like to make documentary films and series for young audiences.



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months long

on site sessions


Two calls for projects for the new programme will be organised in 2022. Each of them will result in 6 projects selected to take part in 4 workshop sessions in Poland and Norway. Additional plans include shooting sessions, film documentations, and online consultations supervised by the leading tutors, Kirsten Bonnén Rask and Paweł Ziemilski, and international guest experts.

The programme will provide 6 participants with an opportunity to develop their projects in an international community for over a year under the guidance of a leading tutor and documentary film professionals. As part of the workshop sessions, participants will work on a variety of aspects: improving their ideas, collecting documentation, preparing for filming, filming itself, and, finally, editing.

The participants should finish the programme with a well-developed story and part of the shooting material ready, with an editing process started. All stages will be supervised by experienced tutors from the film industry.

Participants will have a chance to get partial support for the project’s development including documentation, editing, or shooting.

Individual and group sessions in Poland and Norway will be accompanied by meetings and masterclasses with industry experts. Among the topics covered during the workshop there will be legal and financial issues, the characteristics of children’s audiences in films and documentary series, working with children and techniques for interviewing young protagonists.

Who are the workshops for?

The programme is intended for filmmakers from Poland and Norway who are working on the development of a short, mid-length or feature-length documentary film or series.

Priority is given to projects which plan to enter shooting during the workshop or plan to apply for development or production funding during the workshop.

How does it work?

  • There are two calls for submission.
  • 6 projects each will be selected under both calls for proposals.
  • Selected projects will be developed during the 15 months long programme.
  • Participants will be divided into two groups, with three projects in each group. Each of the groups has its own lead tutor who supervises the projects through all the workshops during four on site rounds, shooting sessions, film documentations. In between there will be a possibility of having the individual online consultations with lead tutors.
  • Individual and group work will be accompanied by masterclasses on relevant topics with industry professionals from different fields.
  • From the second round producers tutors specialized on specific topics will join the workshop.

Is my project eligible for the Kids Kino Docs?

  • Kids Kino Docs is open to projects from Poland and Norway.
  • Projects of documentary films (short, mid and full-length) and series are welcome.
  • No TV reportages are accepted.


The fee for a participant is 400 EUR.


Scroll down to check the FAQ or contact Zofia Horszczaruk directly: zofia.horszczaruk@nowehoryzonty.pl.

second edition

call for projects: 2.06.-1.08.2022 (CLOSED)

meet our tutors

Kirsten Bonnén Rask

Kirsten Bonnén Rask

Kirsten Bonnén Rask has 40+ years of experience as a script consultant, in parallel to being a decision maker, teacher and project developer. Her services span all production types and formats, with multiple best script/film awards. Kirsten has also worked with Lars von Trier, Lone Scherfig and Bille August just to mention some. During the 40+ years she has read and advised on many hundred stories – shorts, series, features, documentaries. Tutor at Kids Kino Lab.

Paweł Ziemilski

Paweł Ziemilski

Paweł Ziemilski is a graduate of Film Directing at Lodz Film School, DOK PRO at Wajda School and Sociology at Warsaw University. Paweł is a film director, producer and co-owner of MX35 studio. His films (“In Touch”, “Urban Cowboys”, “Rogalik”) received wide publicity at numerous film festivals around the world and won prestigious prizes (IDFA, Thessaloniki IFF, ZagrebDox, Oberhausen ISFF). Paweł is also a lecturer at The Polish National Film School in Łódź where he runs an experimental documentary lab.


first edition:

Round 1: Focus on Research, 24 – 27 March 2022, POLAND

Round 2: Focus on working with children and money, 5 – 8 May 2022, POLAND

Round 3: Focus on editing, 25 – 28 August 2022, NORWAY

Round 4: additional session, 8 – 11 March 2023, POLAND

second edition:

Round 1: Focus on Research, 13 – 16 October 2022, POLAND

Round 2: Focus on working with children and money, 24 – 27 November 2022, NORWAY

Round 3: Focus on editing, 9 – 12 March 2023, POLAND

Round 4: additional session, 12 – 15 October 2023, POLAND


I am involved in several projects this year. How much time will I need to participate in the programme?

The programme lasts 15 months and consists of four 4-day on-site rounds in Poland and Norway. It is up to the participants how much time they will spend on developing the project, collecting documentation, preparing for shooting, shooting itself or editing between the rounds. We also offer online consultations between on-site rounds.

I have a documentary film project that I have been developing for a long time, can I still apply?

Of course! We will help you jump into the next stage with it!

What projects can take part in Kids Kino Docs?

The programme is open to documentary projects of short, mid-length and full-length films and series for children, teenagers, and young adults.

What will I be working on during Kids Kino Docs?

We will work on the footage you shot before or during the programme. It happens that only after watching the filmed material, that we know what should be next, what our characters and story are missing. We are not able to come up with a documentary on a piece of paper, we have to see the story on the screen – and that is the way we want to work with you.

You can listen to more about working on documentary projects in a preview from a conversation with our tutor Kirsten Bonnén Rask and Kaja Klimek, which is available on our Facebook profile.

I’m not new in a business. Is there anything I can learn about filmmaking?

Every project starts from scratch. Our workshops are attended by emerging filmmakers as well as people who have many completed projects and numerous international awards to their credit. We will not teach you how to make films, but we will help you discover the potential of your story and help you find the best solutions and tools to tell it.

Who will I work with during the programme?

The lead tutors are Kirsten Bonnén Rask (with whom we also work within Kids Kino Lab) and Paweł Ziemilski (you can read more about our tutors above).

We focus on the individual approach, therefore during the following sessions we will invite international experts from different fields. When choosing them we will take under consideration the needs of your project and the stage it is at.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Contact us at: zofia.horszczaruk@nowehoryzonty.pl.

No more questions? Submit your project to the Kids Kino Docs workshop. The call for projects is closed.

Kids Kino Docs is an extension of the Kids Kino Lab script development workshops, where documentary productions were developed alongside feature and film and series projects. The goal of the new programme is to create a space dedicated to documentary films and series for young audiences.

The New Horizons Association is a non-governmental organisation whose main objective is to promote and popularise unconventional ambitious arthouse cinematography through organisation of film festivals (New Horizons IFF, American Film Festival, Kids Kino IFF) and educational programmes (The New Horizons of Film Education) as well as running a cinema in Wrocław (Kino Nowe Horyzonty) and film distribution.

Kids Kino Industry and Kids Kino Lab are the industry events accompanying Kids Kino IFF. Every year, selected film and series projects for young audiences take part in the Kids Kino Lab script development workshop, to be later presented alongside other projects at the Kids Kino Industry co-production forum. The forum is aimed at creating a space to connect filmmakers and their potential business partners to co-work on a project.


The Kids Kino Docs programme is co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.