27-30 september 2022
warsaw, poland and online

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

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KIDS KINO INDUSTRY FORUM – programme sneak peak!

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We’ve entered a new and final month with a sneak peak of this year’s Kids Kino Industry forum. Early Birds tickets are available until 12 of September.

Below you will find first part of the programme curated by Viola Gabrielli, KKI Head of Programme. The full programme and schedule will be available shortly.

We are wondering how many of you remember the Inspirational Webinars from last year? This time, we have decided to warm you up before the forum with something different. A day before the Kids Kino Industry kicks off, on 27 September we have planned for you a special pre-forum masterclass:




As a content creator, whatever development stage you are, the pitch bible is an essential document to complement face-to-face pitching and a tangible document to leave behind as a reminder of your IP.

The Masterclass Building a Bible will develop and refresh your skills on how to present your project for an international market. Host Andrew Kavanagh will guide you through the page-by-page mechanics of creating an industry standard one-sheet and 24-page bible – distilling story-world, characters and narrative into concise but compelling text and visuals.

He will also introduce you to experienced industry experts featuring bible examples, including insights on how to approach different genres and platforms, and guidance on developing your project bible.

Plus, if you’re happy to discuss your own IP, your masterclass participation will prioritise a consultation with one of our experts at the consultant’s table’s session.

This online masterclass will help every content creator to level up his or her preparation, technique, materials, pitch bibles & International pitching opportunities.

Packed with brand new ideas and strategies how to prepare a perfect pitch bible, the next step is to find the right investor. Together with our experts we will be looking for




and NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES – How to survive in this transforming world and what new cross-financing possibilities should we look into.

MONEY, MONEY – New models and new business opportunities

After a period of decline, investment in new film and series has dramatically increased and looks likely to accelerate in the post-pandemic period. Investment from major streamers is growing but it may come at the expense of independence and public funds are having to rethink strategies as US streamers become a major source of film and screen finance. New finance models are already beginning to emerge although their long-term prospects are not yet clear. What seems certain is that the long-standing models of finance will at least be challenged, by innovative new approaches or by disruption to existing systems (including national sales rights and theatrically-led releasing.

This session will look at:

Public film funds: How is public funding going to fit in a changed market with a changed ecosystem and growing US strength in European production Investment groups and angel investors who are beginning to show some interest in content production as the screen market grows.

Blockchain, crowdfunding, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and other new models: Alternative models may open opportunities.

In the music and tech industries, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are beginning to make an impact, will the film industry enter the same path?

After that we are sure you will be ready for a 1:1 meetings at Kids Kino Industry. It is not a secret that the last few years changed not only a financing models but also make an impact on how and where young audiences consume the audiovisual content and pandemic only accelerated this process which leads us to two sessions focused on:




Online originals: Is the VOD-led production boom sustainable?

Streaming services have emerged as the biggest commissioners of production in Europe and the appetite for original online film and series was accelerated during the Covid shutdown. Original content available on-demand has been led by the US giants, such as Disney, Amazon, Disney, HBO and Viacom, but broadcasters and growing multinational media companies, such as NENT, are also in on the act. For producers, an expanding market for new content is promising but it comes with potential challenges and questions about long-term viability. This session will look at key questions, including:

What market developments, changing demand patterns and VOD trends might mean for producers. The prospects for new investment and investors in original content in a dynamic and competitive VOD market.

How changing media chronology and potential changes to geoblocking could affect a diverse market for content and the role of national and European policy interventions.

And how far producers can retain their independence and control over rights in deals with VOD services.

RETHINKING Distribution and Exhibition for a young audience

in cooperation with Film New Europe (FNE) Visegrad 2021 Year of Recovery for Film and Television Industry

With film funds allowing a change and being more flexible in terms of diverse exhibition windows there is a visible growth in content production. But distributors and exhibitors need to constantly rethink their strategies in order to reach their relevant audience. How do exhibitors & distributors of Visegrad countries Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary adapt to the new situation? Has the pandemic fundamentally changed the distribution/exhibition landscape or are we going back to pre-pandemic norms? Our guests will share their opinions and discuss the future role of cinema versus online platforms and how to plan within uncertainty.

Now, once you know how to sell your project (Building the Bible), find a partner or investor (Money, Money, Money) and what streamers, distributor and broadcaster are looking for (Distribution) it’s time for some


Representatives of major broadcasters and SVoD platforms will present their current programming needs and future programming strategies. In their talk with Polish journalist Katarzyna Borowiecka they will also focus on their demands, how the pandemic has changed programming strategies and what does it mean for the children media industry.

Last section we want to unveil to you today is actually one of our favourite part of the programme and this section is




Are you ready for Christmas in September?

Meet the creators of the BEANIE, Slovenian live-action film currently in post-production looking for distributor, sales agent and broadcaster.

Logline: A boy who has nothing and a girl who seems to have everything embark on an adventure following a fake Santa. Read more about this project.

Impactful CROSS SECTOR Partnerships


Iconic MOOMIN’s character will come to life in a game in 2021 strengthening meaningful content creation with digital expertise in order to expand distinctive universes and give power to iconic Nordic storytelling. Based on the beloved Moomin books and comic strips by Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson, the innovative new animated series is produced by Gutsy Animations and has been commissioned for a third season.

Award winning content creator and creative director of Gutsy Animations Marika Makeroff will talk about the development process, added values and how this cross sector partnership came into live. What are the pre-conditions or under which conditions these two sectors come together


Case study: The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti with Disney + Polish-Irish co-production Odo

Meet the creative producers and listen to how their project have been evolved through meaningful collaborations.


That’s it for today, but remember there are more sessions on its way. Stay tuned!