september 2022
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poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

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Pitch your project

Submissions for the 6th Kids Kino Industry will open in 2022 until than stay safe and keep working on your projects!


PLEASE, keep in mind that information which can be found below, refers to the call for the last edition.

Kids Kino Industry, international co-production forum and networking event, is now accepting entries. We’re looking for new diverse, forward-thinking film and series ideas for today’s platform agnostic and savy generation of viewers to be presented in front of Decision Makers and Investors.

For its 2021 edition, producers can submit their projects of films and series for young audiences in three categories: in development, work in progress and market presentation.

Deadline to submit your project: 31 May

Rules for submissions:


What kind of projects are we looking for?

  • Projects for young audiences
  • Full-length films and series
  • Live-action, documentary, animation, transmedia
  • The main focus will be put on the European projects in development (In Development), at an early production stage (Work in Progress) or in postproduction (Market Presentation), but the submissions are also open for the projects from outside Europe
  • Projects that already have a producer on board

You can submit your project in one of the following sections:

In development

  • Projects with a treatment or script
  • At development stage
  • With a partly confirmed financing structure

Work in Progress

  • At production or postproduction stage (with a shooting started by the end of 2021)
  • Projects that are still looking for a funding or co-producer, as well as a distributor, sales agent, broadcaster

Market Presentation

  • Projects in shooting process (with shooting finished before the start of the forum), in postproduction stage
  • Projects that are looking for a distributor, sales agent and international broadcaster (the project may have national broadcaster on board) 
  • Projects with a rough-cut version of a film

Who can submit a project?

  • The producer of the film or series is the person who can apply with a project
  • The application is free of charge.

Important documents

Please make sure to prepare ahead the following documents which are needed for the application:

  • Photos of the project in the right aspect ratio: 1200 x 900 px (up to three) – in case of any problems with the dimensions of the pictures, please contact
  • Photos and bios of the producer and scriptwriter
  • Photo and bio of the director (Work in Progress and Market Presentation)
  • Treatment (max 4 pages) – the Selection Committee will not read additional treatment pages,
  • Logline, synopsis and creators statement
  • Financing structure of the project in euro (or planned financing structure of the project for In development projects)
  • Description of film characters, moodboard (only for In development, Work in Progress)

PLEASE NOTE. Don’t send us full scripts. The selection jury will not read any full scripts.

How to submit?

1. Click on the “Submit your project” button

2. Fill in the form

3. Upload the files

4. Wait for a confirmation e-mail

In case of questions or any issues with registration please contact the project coordinator Katarzyna Janiak at:

Selection of the projects

  • From among all the submissions we shall select 25 projects presented in the sections: In Development, Work in Progress and 1-2 projects in the Market Presentation section.
  • Information about being qualified will be sent to the producer till 13 July.
  • The official selection will be chosen by the jury and are final.
  • The Jury will be known publicly before the submission is closed.
  • The project which won’t meet the requirements will not be considered.
  • The selected project is presented at Kids Kino Industry by two team members. (CHECK BELOW Information on the accreditation)

Accreditations for the selected projects

  • Accreditations – two members of each Pitching Teams are covered for accreditation/ accommodation/ pitching training, additional team members need to cover their costs on their own

Pitch Training and Pitching at Kids Kino Industry

  • It’s obligatory for all the selected Pitching Teams to take part in the pitching training before the event.
  • In case the event is organized online, each Pitching Team will be asked to pre-record their pitching and send it to the organisers by the end of August.
  • Projects in development have 5 minutes for the pitch + 5 minutes for Q&A with an audience; work in progress projects will have 8 minutes pitch + 5 minutes for Q&A with an audience; market presentation will have 15 minutes for presentation of the audiovisual materials and footage and 5-10 minutes for the pitching + 5 for Q&A with  Decision Makers