27-30 september 2022
warsaw, poland and online

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

Date: 27 September, 17:00-18:30

Venue: KKI platform



As a content creator, whatever development stage you are, the pitch bible is an essential document to complement face-to-face pitching and a tangible document to leave behind as a reminder of your IP.

The Masterclass Building a Bible will develop and refresh your skills on how to present your project for an international market.

Host Andrew Kavanagh will guide you through the page-by-page mechanics of creating an industry standard one-sheet and 24 page bible – distilling story-world, characters and narrative into concise but compelling text and visuals. He will also introduce you to experienced industry experts featuring bible examples, including insights on how to approach different genres and platforms, and guidance on developing your project bible.

This online masterclass will help every content creator to level up his or her preparation, technique, materials, pitch bibles & International pitching opportunities.


Key contents covered include:


  • Story fundamentals: logline; one-page synopsis; episode springboards
  • Differences between pitch deck and bible
  • Ideal page count (2, 5, 10, 20+)
  • Iterative stages of bible / tailoring for the person you are pitching to.
  • Target audience.
  • Project tone and visual style.
  • Theme as DNA; story at the heart.
  • Character essentials: role & arc; traits & quirks; wants & needs; flaws & fears.
  • Story-world architecture & landscape.
  • Cross-media options and brand extensions.


Andrew Kavanagh

Andrew Kavanagh

Founder & CEO, Kavaleer Productions, Ireland

Andrew is a multi-award-winning writer-director, producer and show-creator. His children’s TV shows can be seen in 23 languages in 140 countries worldwide and are watched every day by thousands of children. His short films have won awards on three continents and been screened at hundreds of festivals. The company he founded, Kavaleer, is in its nineteenth year of operation and produces content for the BBC, Netflix, Nickelodeon and dozens of other terrestrial and cable broadcasters. Most recently, he has been adapting ‘The Pomegranate Tree’ by Vanessa Altin as an animated feature film. He is married with two children and a cat and lives in Ireland.


Colin Williams

Colin Williams

Creative Director at Sixteenth South (Northern Ireland, UK)

Colin Williams is a BAFTA winning children’s television creator, showrunner and writer.

He founded Sixteen South in 2007 to create and produce quality television for every child in every home in every country and his work can be seen on all major networks across the globe. Colin has gained an international reputation for the highest quality work and has already created and produced almost 600 episodes of award winning children’s television which have picked up over 50 international awards including the coveted Prix Jeunesse, two EMMY® nominations, a British Animation Award and a BAFTA for the Best Children’s Independent Production Company.
Colin created and produced the hit mixed media animated series, Lily’s Driftwood Bay which has sold into over 120 countries including Nick Jr and KiKA; created and produced WildWoods, a live action puppet sitcom for Hulu; devised Claude, for Disney Junior EMEA – based on the popular book series by Alex T Smith; co-created Sesame Tree, a co-production with Sesame Workshop, creator of Big City Park on CBeebies and is the Executive Producer on Pinkalicious and Peterrific for PBS Kids, Pajanimals for Universal Kids and Big and Small for CBeebies.

In 2020 he restructured Sixteen South into three distinct parts to create, produce and distribute their own and third party content. Colin leads original development with two of their brand new shows, Odo and The Coop Troop commencing production in 2021 and a busy slate of other new shows in development with the networks.

Katharina Pietzsch

Katharina Pietzsch

Director ZDF.junior at ZDF Enterprises (Germany)

Tatiana Kober

Tatiana Kober

President, Bejuba! Entertaimment (USA)

Tatiana started Bejuba! Entertainment 18 years ago (2003) to specialize in the executive production, financing and distribution of quality children’s and family entertainment
across all platforms. A Canadian and German citizen, she set the company up in Canada. Today the company has over 700 half hours of programming with shows like “Wishfart”
“The Curious World of Linda”, “Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave”, “Origanimals”, “The Hive” and “Big Block SingSong”. Bejuba! has been nominated several times in the Kidscreen Hot 50 as one of the top distribution companies. With offices in North America and France, Bejuba! is a robust boutique company which cherry picks its shows for originality, story and relatability to kids. Many of the series are award winning.

At Bejuba! Tatiana Kober works with creators to develop, finance and sell their series. These programs are funded either through presales, and co-productions. Tatiana is often called upon to speak at conferences around the world.

Previous to Bejuba!, Tatiana was Managing Director of distributor Egmont Imagination UK where she built the company from scratch for mother ship, Egmont Imagination in Denmark, a subsidiary of the European publishing giant. She held positions at BBCWW (German Sales Manager (fiction) and Children’s genre specialist, where, at the time, she secured the largest UK drama sale in the history of UK television. She oversaw the rollout of “Teletubbies” in Germany. She also worked at Endemol UK as the children’s
sales manager, and as a consultant for National Geographic Kids in America. Tatiana started focusing on the business side of television when she left Canada to work in Tokyo for NHK Japan in the Hi Definition coproduction department. There she worked with the team to develop documentary co-productions.

Tatiana studied at the prestigious Ryerson University in Toronto and received a BAA, Bachelor of Applied Arts, in Radio and Television Arts. Upon graduating, she held various positions at public broadcaster, TVO in Canada, where she worked for 6 years in the Children’s, Science and Current Affairs departments, moving from production coordinator to production assistant to associate producer and director.