27-30 september 2022
warsaw, poland and online

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

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A boy who has nothing and a girl who seems to have everything embark on an adventure following a fake Santa.


Erik is a 9-year-old boy who is living in a children’s home on account of his problematic parents. His only wish is to go home for Christmas. Instead, he gets to spend the holiday with a well-off family and their 7-year-old daughter Lucy, who longs for a puppy and a sister. In the middle of the night, they encounter a fake Santa in the family living room, a thief in disguise. Full of hope, they hide in his car but Santa soon gets rid of them and the children embark on a very special Christmas adventure. Erik is determined to go home and Lucy follows him. After an extraordinary journey, they finally sneak into Erik’s home and he realises that his parents haven’t kept their promise and haven’t changed a bit. But he has Lucy as his friend now. Eventually, they both get what they wish for, just not in the way they expected.


Format: Live-action film
Genre: Family / Adventure / Christmas
Duration: Approx. 82’
Country of Production: Slovenia
Target Audience: Children 6-11
Language: Slovenian
Status of Production: Post-production
Planned Premiere: TBC
Production Company: Senca Studio
Co-production: Wady Films (Luxembourg), Studio Dim (Croatia), objectif (Slovakia)
Producer: Ida Weiss
Scriptwriter: Saša Eržen
Director: Slobodan Maksimovic
Cast: Gaj Črnič, Kaja Podreberšek

Budget: 1,877,585 EUR

Goals at the Kids Kino Industry:

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The script by Saša Eržen appealed to me straight away. I felt like a curious child again, asking thousands of questions, and looking for lots of answers. This lovely story follows two children, Erik (9) and Lucy (7), their Christmas wishes, and their having to coming to terms with real life. Erik, whose alcoholic parents have put him in a children’s home, has to face the fact his mum and dad aren’t capable of taking care of him, and he accepts it in the typically earnest way that children do. Lucy, on the other hand, finds out that life can bring you better “gifts” than those potentially purchased for money or made up in your fantasies. During their curious adventure, Erik and Lucy grow close, two lonely kids becoming one another’s company; the family they’ve both been missing. The journey in the night makes Erik more mature and helps to develop his confidence, breaking the imaginary power of the gang of bullies from the children’s home.


Ida Weiss

Ida Weiss


Ida Weiss (born in 1974) graduated in multimedia production. For more than 20 years, she has run the production company Bela Film Ltd and the cultural entity Senca Studio, which predominantly focuses on children’s content. Her production credits include more than 35 titles screened worldwide. She is a member of the EFA, EAVE and ACE producers’ networks, as well as the EWA network.
Saša Eržen

Saša Eržen


Saša Eržen (born in 1973), a Slovenian screenwriter, graduated in Communication Studies from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana. She’s been writing for children and young people for more than twenty years, including books, stories, TV shows and puppet theatre plays (one of her plays won an international award). Beanie is her first screenplay for a children’s feature film.

Slobodan Maksimovic

Slobodan Maksimovic


Slobodan Maksimovic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1975. He graduated in film directing at Ljubljana’s Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) and has won over 30 international awards for his short films. His first feature, Thanks for Sunderland (2012), was named best Slovenian film, while his second feature, Nika (2016), won the award for best youth film at the Motovun Film Festival and was screened worldwide.