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poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

poland’s international co-production forum for films and series aimed at the children’s market. part of kids kino international film festival.

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Record number of submissions for Kids Kino Industry 2022 – the official selection

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We are happy to announce the official selection of Kids Kino Industry. 95 projects from 27 countries have been submitted for the pitching sections of the Kids Kino Industry forum, which is the absolute record in the history of the event. The most promising 26 projects have been selected for the pitchings and they will join the previously preselected winning project of the Kids Kino Industry Exchange Award.

The event will take place from the 27th to the 29th of September (Warsaw/online), and on the 30th of September (online).

2022 Kids Kino Industry official selection

27 projects will be presented during two pitching days (26 projects shortlisted from a total of 95 submissions, and a winning project of the Kids Kino Industry Exchange Award at m:brane).

The selection consists of 14 live-action, 10 animated, 2 mixed-technique, and 1 documentary projects, including 15 films and 12 series. Among them there are 7 projects developed as part of our script development workshop: Kids Kino Lab.

The selected projects are at different stages of production and will be presented in two sections: in development (24) and work in progress (3).

The final selection has been made carefully by our selection committee: Peter Ahlén, Senior Sales Manager, Creative Producer & Director at REinvent, Denmark; Agnieszka Dziedzic, Founder & Producer at Koi Studio, Poland; Katleen Goossens, Producer at Bulletproof Cupid, Belgium, Begoña Esteban, Head of International TV Sales & Acquisitions at Pink Parrot Media, Spain; Mateusz Możdżeń, Head of Kids Distribution in the Education Department of the New Horizons Association, Poland.

All the projects chosen represent different topics and genres. The selected titles range from projects based on books, successful webcom, or TV special, dealing with relevant topics like diversity, stereotypes and prejudice, ecology and climate change, friendship and searching for one’s place in the world.

This year’s target audience spans again from preschoolers and schoolkids to teenagers. There are also projects for young adults, as we can see the potential and increasing need coming from the market for projects for this type of audience.

The Pitching Teams will take you on a hunt for Mayan treasure hidden in a Slovakian castle; you will discover what happens to disappearing socks; and explore the mystery behind a suspicious allergy at summer camp with a group of teenagers; you will be introduced to Felix, a flea raised by rhinos; and two savvy hamsters, who comment the hardships of life with humour and distance. Those are just of a few of all the adventures!


List of the selected projects:

In development

  1. “Agus and Monsters”, Motion Pictures Entertainment, animated series, Spain
  2. “Detective Bruno 2. The Baltic Gold”, Shipsboy, live-action film, Poland – KIDS KINO LAB
  3. “Eat a Book”, AGITPROP, documentary series, Bulgaria
  4. “Empire”, De Mensen, live-action series, Belgium – KIDS KINO LAB
  5. “Felix the Brave”, Little Dream Entertainment, animated film, Germany
  6. “Forest”, AL ONE, 3D animated film, Italy
  7. “GameGirl”, 8Heads Productions, live-action film, The Czech Republic – KIDS KINO LAB
  8. “Ghoul Friends”, BOMBITO PRODUCTIONS, live-action series, United Kingdom
  9. “Green Bean Camp”, Coming Soon Films, live-action film, Spain
  10. “Hamsters”, Haptic, animated series, Belgium
  11. “Horse on a Stick”, Lieblingsfilm, live-action film, Germany
  12. “Jacob´s Treasure”, TRIGON PRODUCTION, live-action film, Slovakia
  13. “Land of Lost Laundry”, Filmbin, live-action film, Norway – KIDS KINO LAB
  14. “Louise Lives Large”, Tailored Films, live-action series, Ireland/Canada/Belgium
  15. “Monsters SOS”, Likaon, animated series, Poland
  16. “My World Upside Down”, WHAT IF Films, live-action film, Slovakia
  17. “Round and Round the Wishing Well”, Laïdak Films, animated film, France
  18. “Rubbish Life”, mfoka, animated film, Poland – KIDS KINO LAB
  19. “Secrets of the Great Bog”, Air Productions, live-action film, Latvia
  20. “Sophie Milk”, Gate & StoryProduction, live-action series, Poland
  21. “Stairway to Heaven”, Fabelaktiv, live-action series, Norway
  22. “Tiger and Bear”, Wolkenlenker, animated series, Germany
  23. “Tosia”, Film Production Wojciech Stuchlik, live-action film, Poland – KIDS KINO LAB
  24. “Under the Floor”, Running Rabbit Films, animated series, Poland

Work in progress

  1. “The Diary of Paulina P.”, Jaka produkcija, live-action/animated film, Croatia
  2. “Grandpa, let’s go!”, FURIA Film, live-action/animated film, Poland – KIDS KINO LAB
  3. “Kitty Kotty”, EGoFILM, animated series, Poland

More information of the projects selected for the Kids Kino Industry forum available HERE.

Information about the conference part of the programme HERE.

About Kids Kino Industry

Kids Kino Industry (KKI) is an international co-production forum for films and series aimed at children and youth and a meeting place where industry professionals can exchange ideas and develop new content for young audiences.

The forum was established six years ago and it has since grown to become one of the most important events of this type in Eastern and Central Europe attended by more than 300 guests. The four-day agenda includes pitching presentations, 1:1 meetings, and a number of masterclasses, case studies, consultations, workshops, panels, and networking opportunities.

Kids Kino Industry is an excellent opportunity for producers and filmmakers to promote their projects and to find potential business partners.

KKI is an industry part of the Kids Kino International Film Festival. Both events are organised under the banner of the New Horizons Association (New Horizons Film Festival, Polish Days, American Film Festival).


Save the date!

In 2022, the event will be held for the second time in the hybrid format. First three days (27th–29th of September) will be held in Warsaw and online. The last day of KKI (30th of September) will be fully online.

The accreditations are on sale now! Go to HOW TO ATTEND page to learn more.

All guests and attendees of the forum will be given access to a dedicated platform through which they can watch pitches, take part in the conference programme (masterclasses, discussion panels, workshops, script consultations), and to book 1:1 meetings (online and on-site) with our decision makers, pitching teams, and attendees of the forum.